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6/28/17 Plastic City Comic-Con

Plastic City Comic-Con

  • Amy & Keith Gleason, founders

  • Matches Malone, Batman Cosplayer

  • Wonder Woman/ Catwoman Cosplayer

The inspiration behind Plastic City Comic Con

  • A recent history of comic cons & how Plastic City is different
  • Who is the target audience and what can they expect at this year's Plastic City

Cosplayers, Costumes and Geek Culture

  • Who dresses up at conventions?
  • Who are cosplayers and why do they go to conventions?
  • Charity work and community outreach done by cosplayers (Matches Malone / Batman discusses his charity)

This year's Plastic City Comic Con

  • Guest highlights, including featured work / photos of guests
  • Who are the promoters (Keith and Amy) and what are the convention exclusives
  • Prop discussion (collectibles, Funko Pops, comics)
  • Closing reminder of the details of the convention