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8/15/18 Fitchburg Cultural Council/ United Way Youth Venture

Fitchburg Cultural Council

  • Joe Bowen, Chair, Fitchburg Cultural Council

  • Emmanuella Janita, Fitchburg Cultural Council

United Way Youth Venture

  • Genevieve Raboin from Helping Paws:

As lovers of animals, the creators knew when they heard about the UWYV program that their focus would be on trying to help all those animals out there who are desperately waiting on a nice family to call home. These girls are using their connections throughout the Leominster and Fitchburg communities to raise awareness about the issue of stray and homeless animals and to raise money to support the local efforts of the Fitchburg and Leominster Animal Shelter.

  • Estelle Arsenault from Current Events Club:

This Team understands the importance of doing community service, particularly for youth, but wanted to ensure that they and their peers could connect to service that they are passionate about. The Current Events Club is helping FHS students to earn community service hours for causes they truly care about while learning about issues affecting the community—often straight from news headlines. This examination and discussion about cause and effect of social issues, natural disasters, and more aims to help their peers understand the responsibility they have to participate in leading change.

  • Jake, one of UWYV Outreach Specialists