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4/24/19 Guitar League / MyCare Initiative

Guitar League

Guitar lovers who meet monthly to learn, play and sharguitar techniques, tips and fun. All skill levels welcome, from novice to brilliant.

  • Paul Murphy, Guitar League Chapter leader

  • Ken Macy, local performer

  • Glen Jackson, member

MyCare Initiative

The purpose of this show is to collectively share our knowledge and resources with the community at large regarding the necessity of allies, what are allies, how one can be an ally, the importance of having allies in the healing process of child abuse, sexual assault trauma, including men as allies within the child abuse and sexual assault arena and raising awareness generally.

 Some of the points I'd like to cover are how to be a support for those who have been abused; men can be abused too and reasons why more don't speak out; maybe even briefly speak on why in your opinion this has been such a pervasive epidemic. Of course, if we can get the foundational information - defining sexual and child abuse as well as the other abuses that relate, (emotional, verbal, financial, etc.) that would be beneficial as well.

  • Kenisha Coy - My CARE Initiative

  • Jessica Diaz - YWCA

  • Stephanie Dondero - Fitchburg Police Department

  • Lt. Jeffrey Howe - Fitchburg Police Department

  • Heidi Sue LeBoeuf - Pathways for Change

  • Craig Mortley - YWCA

  • Amie J. Spicer - My CARE Initiative

PSA: 5th Annual Fitchburg Child Safety Day 2019