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7/26/17 How to dispose of STUFF in Fitchburg

How to dispose of STUFF in Fitchburg

Recycling & Composting

How to recycle, what to recycle, where does it go? What happens when you recycle improperly... How to get a recycling permit? Composting.... how to compost?

What is trash, How to dispose of trash and Bulk Waste

Options for disposal. Where does it go? How to get a bulk waste permit? What can I dispose of at the Landfill?

Hazardous Waste

What is Hazardous Waste? How do we dispose of this? Why is this important?

PSA: Fitchburg Recreation Department Upcoming events

Family Fun Day

PSA: Family Fun Day at Riverfront Park with Casa De Gracia y Restauracion
Saturday August 19th 12-4pm

Later Event: August 2
8/2/17 Mixology