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7/19/17 Opioid Crisis: Alternative Treatments

Path of Least Resistance: Facing the Opiate Problem with Radical Compassion

In January 2017, the Darcangelos, in response to the growing opioid epidemic in central Massachusetts, visited a medically supervised injecting facility in Sydney, Australia to learn first hand about these facilities which have already proven themselves to be effective across the globe. It is increasingly apparent that we cannot arrest our way out of this crisis. Increasing jail time and mandatory sentencing has failed in its attempt to curtail drug use. With the support of law enforcement and health officials across the country, legislation is currently being drafted in several states which will begin allowing injecting centers in the US for the first time. This visual presentation will offer an advance, eye-opening look at what these facilities mean for the future of the so-called “war on drugs” in America, and right here at home.

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